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Companies with APIs that are included in this Payments APIs research, with API detail when it exists.

2Checkout A payment services, 2Checkout maximizes online sales conversions by giving global buyers localized payment options. 2Checkout supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages for online transactions in the world. e service is simple to implement, including a pre-integrated payment gateway, a merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and plug-ins for 100 of the most popular carts. (API-Stack,Commerce,Commerce-Stack,E-commerce,Payment-API,Payments,Shopping,Target)
Amazon Web Services Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at any scale. With a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can create an API that acts as a u201cfront dooru201d for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from your back-end services, such as workloads running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), code running on AWS Lambda, or any Web application. (Advertising,API Deployment Cloud,API Deployment Gateways,API LIfeycle,API Management Other,API-Stack,BaaS,Cloud Computing,Cloud Storage,Cloud-Stack,Commerce,Compute,Compute-Stack,Deployment,DNS,File-Stack,Hypermedia,Management,Monitoring,My API Stack,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Plans,Real Time,Serverless,Storage-Stack,Virtualization,Voice)
Authorize.Net Authorize.Net provides a number of ways to process transactions through the payment gateway, ranging from simple Buy Now and Donate buttons to fully integrated, highly customizable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). (API-Stack,Finance,Payment-API,Payment-Stack,Payments,Shopping)
Braintree A catalyst for the next generation of commerce, Braintree provides the easiest way to pay and get paid across any device. Braintreeu0026rsquo;s global payment platform processes more than $10 billion annually (with more than $2 billion on mobile) for thousands of online and mobile commerce innovators including Airbnb, Fab, LivingSocial, OpenTable and Uber. Merchants in more than 40 countries throughout North America, Europe and Australia can accept payments in more than 130 currencies using Braintree. Today, Braintree powers single-click purchasing for more than 40 million consumers and its top-rated mobile app, Venmo, gives people an easy way to pay using their mobile device. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,Billing,Chicago,Payment-API,Payment-Stack,Payments,Payments)
card.io Card.io offers an SDK to developers that makes inputting credit card information as easy as holding your card in front of your smartphoneu0026rsquo;s camera. (API-Stack,Creditcard,Mcommerce,Mobile,Mobile payment service,Payment-API,Payment-Stack,Payments,Retail)
CardFlight CardFlight empowers app developers to easily take in-person (card present) payments within their own iOS and Android apps. CardFlightu0026rsquo;s open platform connects mobile app developers with payment processors, focusing on the 90+% of credit card payments that happen in real life. Developers use CardFlightu0026rsquo;s encrypted mag stripe reader and SDK/API so that they can easily and securely accept card present payments in their apps, with support for virtually any payment processor or merchant account. Our clients retain full control of their integrated app experience without dealing with the typical complexity of payments integrations. (API-Stack,Application,Creditcard,Financial-Stack,Mobile,Payment-API,Payments,Payments)
ChargeBee (API-Stack,Billing,Customer,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,Subscription)
Chirpify We work with brands and agencies who want to leverage social as the point of conversion for their multi-channel marketing campaigns. Clients like adidas, Mastercard u0026amp; RCA Records use our Social Conversion Platform to activate their advertising - enabling consumers to #vote, #donate and #buy directly through social channels. Since launching in February of 2012, weu0026rsquo;ve had hundreds of brands and merchants launch more than 10,000 campaigns on our platform. And weu0026rsquo;ve attracted a great group of investors that includes Voyager Capital, the former CEO of McCann Worldgroup, and the CEO of Hootsuite. (E-commerce,Mcommerce,Payment-API,Payments,Twitter,Utility)
Dwolla Dwolla provides a free web based software platform which allows users to send, receive, and request funds from any other user. Dwollau0026rsquo;s maximum transaction cost is 25 cents per transaction. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,Finance,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack,Target)
Evo Snap* Snap* helps developers simplify payment acceptance u0026amp; business operations for merchants and their customers. EVO Snap* empowers developers to create customized, multi-channel commerce applications u0026amp; services to support their customers across traditional POS, mobile and eCommerce touch points. Snap* streamlines the inclusion of multiple payment and value-added services via one integration, and delivers bundles of services to developers through one family of APIs. (Payment-API,Payments,Payments)
Facebook Facebook is an online social networking service that allows its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections. It provides its users with the ability to create a profile, update information, add images, send friend requests, and accept requests from other users. Its features include status update, photo tagging and sharing, and more. (Advertising,API-Stack,Indie EdTech Data Jam,My API Stack,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Social,Social Advertising,Social API,Social Network,Social-Stack)
Finxera Finxera gives non-financial institutions a simple, secure way to collect, store, and send money. We offer an API-driven approach that enables our clients to seamlessly integrate banking services into their applications. To simplify things even more, weve also incorporated compliance management and integrated with banks so our clients dont have to. Our vision stems from the collective experience of the Finxera team. Weu0026rsquo;ve spent years studying the nuances of online money movement while working with banks and core payments processors. Were committed to innovation and efficiency, and laser focused on our goal: to improve how financial technology services are delivered and revolutionize the banking system. (API-Stack,E-commerce,Financial,Mobile,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack)
Fortumo Fortumo, founded in 2007, is the most developer-friendly mobile payments provider. We enable app and game developers to monetize their users through mobile operator billing in more than 80 countries. Weu0026rsquo;ve got some pretty cool features like self-service signup and instant activation - as well as seamless payment flow that converts like magic. No wonder that our services are used by some of the most awesome developers around. (Billing,Mobile,Payment-API,Payments,SMS,Telephony)
Google Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software and online advertising technologies. Google provides search and advertising services, which together aim to organize and monetize the worldu2019s information. In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of online tools and platforms. (Advertising,API Deployment Cloud,API LIfeycle,Audio,Compute,Database,Definitions,Deployment,DNS,Images-Stack,Indie EdTech Data Jam,Language,Mapping,My API Stack,Orange-Report-Transportation,PaaS,Partners,Payment-API,Payments,Photo-Stack,Platform-Stack,Real Time,Search,Social,Speech,Spreadsheets,Task-Stack,Transit,Translation-Stack,Utility-Stack,Website-Stack)
HostBill HostBill is a payment and invoice management service. Their services include automated billing, payment management, and client data tracking. The API provides registered users with access to their client, invoice, and services data in real-time through an HTML protocol. They also provide a free PHP HB wrapper that simplifies calls and stores usersu0026rsquo; API authentication details. The API is only available to users with installed HostBill accounts. (API-Stack,Billing,Financial,Invoicing,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,Publishers)
InComm InCommu0026rsquo;s Cashtie API connects your App to top retailers POS (Point of Sale) systems. You can build new or enhance existing Apps that improve the retail experience, including new in lane bill payments, cash payments for online transactions in retail stores, or to initiate the sale of digital products right from the consumers phone. All of these options are unlocked by simply providing a barcode displayed within your App that can be scanned and read by the retailers cash register and validated via the InComm/Cashtie real time POS integration. (API-Stack,Cash,E-commerce,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack)
Invoicera Invoicera is an out-of-the-edge online application that takes over the traditional paper-and-pen billing system and u0026ldquo;internetizesu0026rdquo; it! It is a smart, easy, and fortified e-way of sending invoices to your clients. With Invoicera, you can send professional looking online bills to your clients and can receive payment the same way. So if you have a huge clientele spreading from North to South Pole, just donu0026rsquo;t ask for their postal address! Send them professional-looking invoices through Invoicera and receive timely payments. (API-Stack,Invoicing,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,Shopping,Target)
Judo Payments judo payments provides mobile payment solutions to thousands of businesses across the UK to ensure they never lose a sale. From integrated card payments for mobile apps to providing the tools to build a custom mobile payment system for third parties, judo makes mobile credit and debit card acceptance simple and affordable. Businesses can sign up with judo directly through the website or by consulting one of over 300 certified sales representatives. (API-Stack,API-United-Kingdom,E-commerce,Merchant,Mobile,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack)
MasterCard DevZone As a critical link among financial institutions and millions of businesses, cardholders and merchants worldwide, MasterCard provides services in more than 210 countries and territories. MasterCard advances commerce worldwide by developing more secure, convenient and rewarding payment solutions, processing billions of payments seamlessly across the globe, and building economic connections that accelerate business. (API-Stack,ATM,Coupons,E-commerce,Finance,Financial-Stack,Hosting,Merchant,Merchants,Offers,Payment-API,Payments,Places,Search,Shopping,Shopping,Target)
PassKit PassKit enable innovative businesses of all sizes, and our partners, across the world, to efficiently engage, delight and deepen relationships through their mobile devices. We do this by providing them with the technology and capabilities to confidently and effectively realize the potential on the mobile wallet. Clients easily integrate smartphone passes into their business by using PassKitu0026rsquo;s simple and intuitive tools and scaleable infrastructure. PassKit makes the world of mobile commerce accessible to all businesses. By using PassKit, businesses no longer need expensive cloud infrastructure or sophisticated point of sales scanning solutions to provide this functionality. (API-Stack,Coupons,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,Ticket)
PayAnywhere Created by a multi-billion dollar credit card processing company with more than two decades of merchant payment processing experience, PayAnywhere is powering a payments revolution with its enterprise-grade, commitment-free, u0026ldquo;pay-as-you-gou0026rdquo; mobile payments system. PayAnywhereu0026rsquo;s mobile point of sale (POS) technology combines the industryu0026rsquo;s most comprehensive enterprise-grade features with 24/7 customer support. From billion dollar enterprises to the neighborhood garage sale, merchants of all sizes turn to PayAnywhere for highly secure, feature-rich, affordable mobile payments systems that expand and enrich their ability to engage customers and grow their businesses. (API-Stack,Creditcard,E-commerce,Mobile,Payment-API,Payment-Stack,Payments,Payments,Retail)
Payfirma Payfirma develops payment processing applications to enable businesses to accept credit u0026 debit cards in their stores, online and on their mobile devices. We bring enterprise level payment systems to small businesses in a simple package with amazing customer service. Thousands of users, from small business to multi-national corporations, use Payfirmau2019s financial technologies to make payments simpler. (API-Stack,Credit,JavaScript,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,Target)
PayJunction PayJunction is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider that services thousands of businesses in every state in the United States. Since 2000, PayJunction has rapidly become a leading developer and provider of cutting edge merchant technology. PayJunction has also formed strategic alliances with leading financial institutions and technology partners to deliver the most comprehensive services in the industry. Our focus on sales integrity and customer service are the foundation of our corporate culture. (API-Stack,Creditcard,E-commerce,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,Pos,Retail,Syndication,Target)
PayPal PayPal is an online payments and money transfer service that allows you to send money via email, phone, text message or Skype. They offer products to both individuals and businesses alike, including online vendors, auction sites and corporate users. PayPal connects effortlessly to bank accounts and credit cards. (Billing,Currency,Hypermedia,Indie EdTech Data Jam,International,Invoice,Merchant,Payment API,Payment-API,Payments)
Payscape Payscape Advisors provides small to mid-size business owners with financial technologies that allow them to accept payments, streamline their business, and increase cash flow. Our dedication to payment technology and industry innovation is consistent; our mission is clear: to make it simple for business owners to collect money. Whether you accept credit cards at your retail storefront, process payments on your mobile phone, promote gift cards, operate an online shopping cart, or electronically invoice clients, Payscape offers financial products and services guaranteed to satisfy your cash flow needs (Payment-API,Payments,Payments)
PayStand.com PayStand is a next generation payment u0026amp; eCommerce checkout system that enables any organization to receive money in their Website, Social Network, or Web Application without transaction costs. We are the first multi-payment gateway that accepts credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), eCheck (ACH/Dwolla), and eCash (Bitcoins) with 0% transaction fees. (API-Stack,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack)
Pin Payments An all-in-one developer API for accepting credit card payments online in multiple currencies. Through integrations with key e-commerce u0026amp; business platforms (https://pin.net.au/partners) Pin Payments also enables small businesses to start accepting payments online quickly u0026amp; easily. (API-Stack,Credit,Currency,Debit,Financial,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack)
PowerInbox Chargify easily automates billing for recurring revenue businesses. Chargify automates billing, billing related emails, the customer signup process, the application of taxes and coupons, the process when a credit card fails, etc. (Coupons,Invoicing,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Shopping,Subscriptions)
Recurly Recurly gracefully handles all the complexities of subscription billing and recurring payments. Recurly, Inc. provides enterprise-class recurring billing management for thousands of subscription-based SaaS, Web 2.0, Mobile, content and publishing businesses worldwide. Since itu0026rsquo;s launch in January of 2010, Recurly has deployed subscription billing for companies throughout North America and the European Union. As the leading recurring billing platform Recurly ensures setup is easy, integrations are quick and our service sales with the needs of any business. With Recurly merchants can be ready to accept payments and focus on growing sales in days not weeks. (API-Stack,Billing,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack,Sbweb,Target)
SlidePay SlidePay, formerly Cube, is an API that makes it easy for any app to accept credit cards that are processed in person. Integration takes hours, not weeks, and works on any platform or device. (API-Stack,Creditcard,Merchant,Mobile,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack)
Spreedly Spreedly is a cloud based credit card vault that allows you to work with one or multiple payment gateways over time or simultaneously. Dramatically reduce your PCI compliance scope, work with the worldu0026rsquo;s payment gateways and add on newer payment types like Dwolla and GoCardless. (API-Stack,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack,SaaS,Target)
Square Starting with a free credit card reader for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, Square Reader allows anyone to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime, for a low transaction rate of 2.75 percent per swipe, with no hidden fees. Square Register serves as a full point-of-sale system for businesses to accept payments, manage items, and share menu and location information. Square Wallet, available in the US, is the most seamless way to pay, enabling individuals to pay at their favorite local businesses, discover new ones nearby, explore menu listings, and store receipts. (API-Stack,Commerce-Stack,Credit Cards,Payment-API,Payments)
Stripe Stripe is a simple, developer-friendly way to accept payments online. They believe that enabling transactions on the web is a problem rooted in code, not finance, and they want to help put more websites in business. (API LIfeycle,API-Stack,Billing,Finance,Invoicing,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack)
VersaPay Corporation VersaPay handles elements of both credit and debit card merchant payment processing in Canada. In offering a host of merchant account services and credit card POS terminals it allows for an efficient merchant payment service in all aspects- in person, on the go, online, and at the office. Founded in 2005 by Michael Gokturk, VersaPay is a Canadian owned and operated national financial transaction services provider partnered with Chase Paymentech. Versapay also offers electronic funds transfer through a system called Versapay EMT. (API-Stack,Banking,Billing,Checking,Payment-API,Payments,Payments,Payments-Stack)
We Moved To @Adyen Adyen is a global multichannel payment company offering businesses an outsourced payment solution, which enables merchants to accept payments from anywhere in the world and provides a global payment solution for mid, large and enterprise e-commerce merchants. Adyen has over ten years of experience in running high-volume payment systems. Adyen is a privately owned, profitable company which realized 50m turnover in 2012. (API-Stack,E-commerce,Hosting,Payment-API,Payment-Stack,Payments,Payments)
WePay WePay is an online payments platform for small businesses in the United States. WePay helps service providers send invoices, charge customeru0026rsquo;s credit cards, and accept payments on their website. WePay also provides an API that allows developers to access its payments platform. Unlike competitors, WePay allows users to keep their money in a dedicated FDIC-insured Account. The service is great for service providers. WePay was founded by Bill Clerico and Rich Aberman in Boston in 2008. The company is now based in Palo Alto. (API-Stack,Payment-API,Payments,Payments-Stack,Target)